Meliora was founded to provide consulting services both to individuals (B2C) and global corporations (B2B) in the realms of digital media, content management, online strategy, green computing and W3C accessibility standards.We are pleased to provide guidance and support to individuals, charities and small companies in our home country of Belgium. We are always happy to meet new people to discuss their challenges, opportunities and ideas. Locally over a tea or coffee in Belgium, or over a video chat. Even if it’s just to exchange ideas. We are happy to network; and if we can’t directly provide a solution ourselves, our global network of partners certainly can. Please just send us an email: to get the conversation started.Equally, we engage actively with the community. We are passionate about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and all our work is intrinsically tied to those goals. We therefore strive for global equality and justice. We take direct action to help reverse climate change and to stamp out bigotry, nationalism and all forms of oppression.Through our opinion channel “Flashlight” we advocate for those whose voice would otherwise be unheard.We also engage in philanthropic activities ranging from charitable donations to volunteering to employing skilled individuals with little or no access to the global jobs market. We also provide our consulting services at a highly discounted rate or at low/no cost.We are pleased to showcase below the causes we champion. And for us, this is always a two-way straight street. We help the organizations below in whatever way we can, but as a team, we have also directly benefited from their services, advice and friendship. 

Be a hero. Changing lives starts here.

On average, hiring a virtual assistant saves people 14.7 hours per week. That’s because a good bilingual “VA” can help with social media, graphic design, customer service, copywriting, digital marketing — or just about anything else that can be done on a computer.But in hiring remote you’re not just making a smart business decision. You’re also changing a life.Created as a response to the Venezuelan refugee crisis, iWorker’s mission is to help compassionate entrepreneurs hire talented remote workers from countries in crisis.Most of their team, 65% of whom are women, support multiple family members with the income they get from working online.